Employment law exists to protect both employers and employees. Here at Matrix Solicitors we only deal with Settlement agreements when it comes to Employment Law. Settlement agreements are agreements between yourself and your employer which sets out the terms of the end of your contract of employment.We will arrange an initial meeting to discuss the circumstances of the case and the terms being put forward by your employer. We will strive to get you the best agreement that we can which satisfies your needs as well as your employers.

In most settlement agreements it is a condition that an employee must keep the contents of the agreement confidential. This is why it is best to seek independant legal advice to make sure that you are fully complying with the terms of the agreement to avoid any action being taken against you by your employer.

The cost for settlement agreements are usually fully covered by the employer or contributed towards. Each employer will have a different amount that they are willing to contribute, it is usually around £500 plus VAT. Most of the time the employers contribution will cover our costs for the work that we carry out however, if it does not then we will be in direct contact with the employer to cover our costs fully. We will discuss our likely fees with you at the outset so that if our costs are not covered by the employer you will at least have a rough idea of any payment that you may have to make although this is highly unlikely.

Your case will be dealt with by Mr Tasadaq Hussain (Solicitor and Director) or Mr Basharit Mohammad (Solicitor & Director). They both have an hourly rate of £201 + VAT. For more information please contact us 01332 363454 or email us on [email protected].