Buying & Selling

Our prices start from:

Buying- £395 (plus VAT and disbursements)

Selling- £350 (plus VAT and disbursements)

We offer a friendly and stress free conveyancing service to anyone buying or selling property. This is the process of transferring ownership of a property from one person to another, which requires a solicitor or licensed conveyancer.  We will make enquiries on your behalf.  Our aim is to make sure that everything goes smoothly, and to provide the expert support you need should unforeseen delays beyond our control (and yours) occur.

Conveyancing occurs in two stages. The first stage occurs before a contract is exchanged, where there is still an option to renegotiate the price, or to sell to someone else or buy a different property.

The second stage is called completion, and commences when the exchange of contracts has occurred. The buyer and seller are now legally obliged to go through with the sale or purchase. If the buyer or seller tries to now alter the terms of the transaction, they will have breached the contract and will be subject to penalties.

For many people in these times of economic uncertainty, unnecessary expenses should be avoided. However, conveyancing certainly does not fall under this category.

To protect yourself and your property, give our specialists a call today.